Collection: Sea Moss Gel

Our Sea Moss is made fresh daily we do not use any chemicals or preservatives. The sea moss is soaked in lime and spring water for 24 hours, then blended to produce a thick smooth gel. 

Please be advised this is a limited/short shelf life product and will last for 14 days. Sea moss gel will have a "pond like" smell that gets stronger over time, rest assure this is very normal. 

When your order arrives please place your jar in the refrigerator straight away. Your sea moss gel must be refrigerated for at least 2 hours before use, this allows your gel to form to the correct consistency. Please  consume within 14 days of arrival (please see jar lid for use by dateor 6 months if frozen.

Please note, Gaia Sea Moss does not offer medical advice. Individuals who are pregnant or currently has an existing medical condition should seek qualified medical advice before using any food/ dietary supplement.